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Studio Europa Maastricht: “From upcoming elections in Hungary and France to the war in Ukraine: two experts about the extreme-right”

While Europe is under the spell of the war in Ukraine, important elections are coming up in France and Hungary. Will the incumbent leaders be re-elected? What role does the extreme right play in these elections? And why do radical-right movements support Putin? We discussed these questions with one French and one Hungarian expert. “Democracy is under attack”.

Camus still remembers that day in 1984: he was in the apartment of a famous scholar in political science, a friend of his father-in-law. He asked Camus what his PhD-topic would be. Camus answered that he wanted to study the extreme right and Front National, the political party that did not have any political success back then. The scholar replied: “Why don’t you choose something serious?” Not soon after, Front National started to become larger and larger, and Camus would not stop doing research on the topic ever since.

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